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My Kid Won't Sleep

Updated: Jan 24, 2022

Your kid won't sleep, huh?

Well, welcome to the club. No ID needed since most of us are old enough to drink anyway - and I love a good glass of sparkling cider. That's right, I drink the hard stuff to get through the hard stuff in life.
So come on in...
Most of us never signed up for "the club" but here we are as members. We wear what we want but the uniform seems to be any form of a stained wrinkled t-shirt. Bonus points if your hair is disheveled and you only get about 5 hours of completely interrupted sleep every night. I've noticed that most of us forego makeup to sport the very trendy beady-eyed raccoon look. Yeah, things are pretty comfortable here for the uncomfortable.
In the "club" we all have a thing or two in common. A majority of us have children that are pros at escaping bedtime. But we've caught onto them and their conveniently "dirsty" at bedtime ways. We've found a way to find solace in the chaos of bedtime. It's this convenient virtual space called Facebook where we are free to be our tired-sleep-deprived selves.
So come on in and meet a community of parents, educators, and more in one space that supports parents that could use a little more rest, a good laugh, and a place to voice their bedtime frustrations.
Oh and just so you know the creator of the group is pretty cool. She's writing a children's bedtime book that'll help you and your kiddos bond better, sleep more, and stress less.

So much,

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