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What is So Much Semmons?

Updated: Jan 30, 2022

Pictured is Tiffany Semmons, author and creator of So Much Semmons.

Hey everyone! It's me Tiffany Semmons, author and creator of So Much Semmons and in this blog I want to officially introduce you to my business, So Much Semmons.

So Much Semmons is a brand that publishes children's books, blogs, and materials that speak to the joys and exasperations of parenting. The term “so much” was coined by my four-year-old, short for - I love you so much, mommy. I chose this name because it means "to love" and family; my greatest ventures in life. This business will serve the whole family with approaches to parenting during times of fatigue, exhaustion, and frustration. I want families to spend less time stressing and more time learning how to find joy so I am connecting the parent and the child by exploring the why behind the frustrations, adding humor, and tackling the issue.
We take on so much responsibility, becoming a parent, but there's joy in the experience. Let's explore that together with my first title, What Did We Miss?

Click here to hear the details of "What Did We Miss" and be sure to join my launch team to pre-order your copy during my launch this March, during National Sleep Awareness Month.

Click the purple button to see a sneak peek of the characters for the book!

So much,
Tiffany Semmons

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15. Nov. 2021

Love the mission and vision!

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Antwort an

Thank you so much! That means a lot.

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